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Through social art, Melanie Schambach invites the public to challenge the narratives of identity, belonging, and social evolution through participatory painting.


"I believe societies and the environment face extraordinary challenges while the speed of change is out of our control. New methods of engaging people, radical collaborating, and courageous processes that uplift the spirit through self-awareness are some ways to contribute to co-create hopeful futures. With this body of work, I aim to challenge and re-discover the narratives of who we are, how we relate to one another, how we belong to the earth, and what is our shared responsibility."

Melanie has built multi-stake holder partnerships across sectors including Foundations, Environmental Non-profits, Universities, School Districts, Detention Centres, and grassroots groups. Large scale community development projects include commissions by Mission Services London, Cross Cultural Learner Centre, Lummi Nation, and City of Vancouver. Exhibitions include Seattle Art Museum (Washington), Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburg), and Turtle Loge (Edmonton). Permanent public art works can be seen at: Vancouver’s Harbour Centre, Stanley Park, and St. George Street; and London's Brescia University and Richmond Street. Large scale mobile murals on canvas are available for communities and organizations to use for public events, ceremonies, and gatherings.

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