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‘Art in Just Recovery,’ 2023. Multi-media digital collage. Guelph, Canada.

How does Recovery look like as we move through the ongoing effects of the pandemic?

Seventy people reflect on the emergent future while looking at the stress responses of COVID-19.   

Art in a Just Recovery is a local community-based art project that explores community care in the context of our ongoing pandemic recovery in Guelph, Ontario. Seventy people explored these ideas through art and storytelling over a series of online and in-person workshops facilitated by eight local artists. In addition, a research team walked along the process building knowledge on arts potential in community care.


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Facilitators: Maeve Hind, Kavya Yoganathan, Ahmri Vandeborne, Alexa Collette, Charity Cruz, Mia Weber, Alexa Collette, Mei Lein Harrison, Gaia Lukomska, Braydan Pettis, Christina Fish, Manny Chukwu, Carla Reimer, annais Linares.

Community Organizing Team: Nasra Hussein, Amy Kipp, and Gil Maurice

Social Artist Lead and Facilitator: Melanie Schambach

Partner Organizations: Art Not Shame & Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition

Funders: City of Guelph, Canadian Mental Health Association, Guelph CHC, Canada Health Communities Initiative, Windsor Essex Community Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Guelph Community Foundation, JP Bickell Foundation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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