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'Out of Our Minds,' 2010. Acrylics on Canvas. 30ft. X 40ft. SD68, Nanaimo, BC. 

Are schools killing creativity?

Youth who 'didn’t make it' in regular school systems speak about the importance of creativity in their lives for them to thrive.

One hundred people, including students, teachers, school directors, trustees, and board members, reflected on the power of creativity. The voice behind this painting was dozens of students enrolled in special education programs because they were pushed out of regular public schools because of behavior, attention disorders, or bullying. The painting invited these young people to write lyrics, dance, sing, and paint about how creativity enriched their lives. The final production was part of a large Education conference in Nanaimo where the main keynote speaker was the renowned Sir Ken Robinson.


Social Arts Lead: Melanie Schambach

Partner Organization & Funded: School District 68

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