'Out of Our Minds,' 2010. Acrylics on Canvas. 30ft. X 40ft. SD68, Nanaimo, BC. 

One hundred people including students, teachers, school directors, trustees and board members reflected about the school's impact on one's creativity and about one's connection to creativity through the production of a 30' X 40' paintin. After eight months of layering personal messages on the canvas, the painting and a short video raised awareness at a conference with eight hunderd teachers on Spring 2010 in Nanaimo, BC.

"This is not a mural, this is a voice"

“To calm down, all I need is some music. There are no opportunities like these (in school).”

"Just breath"

"You can't see me. I matter."

“I don’t know my language. I don’t know my culture. Coming from two cultures is a big thing. I want to learn more. No one is making the effort. We need to do something if we want to create change”

“Being alone is like being blind. Not being able to see that good of what is infront of you”

"One more brick on the wall"