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We Still Have Hope

'We Still Have Hope,' 2020. Acrylics on wood. 8 ft. x 8 ft. Innovation Works, London, Ontario.

“Can I make this land my home?” Syrian youth reflect about their stories of dislocation and home while settling on stolen Indigenous lands. 

Over 25 young adults that migrated from Syria questioned the notions of home and belonging. They explored their migration story through storytelling, theatre, visual arts, and food sharing. This project also created a space for participants to process the tensions between Indigenous and Muslim communities sparked by the media in 2019 in London, Ontario. These dialogues led to deeper reflections on displacement and war on indigenous land while also acknowledging the privileges of receiving asylum and refuge from the government of Canada. This mural is available for tours around London. 

Social Artist Lead & Facilitator: Melanie Schambach

Project Director: Yasmin Hussain

Funder & Partner Organization: Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Inclusion


My first day of school. I meet new people. 


It’s difficult I went to school.


My feel so happy but I’m crying. 


Going with my dad. Excited to go to class.


Excited the first day.


Amazing day.


New friends.


Doing dances songs


Best the school thing.

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