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‘Our Painted Responsibilities,' 2014. Acrylic on canvas. 20 ft. x 24 ft. Currently in tour.

How do you understand the human connection to nature? Over a hundred people shared their cosmovision.

This mobile mural was an extension to the 2014 Totem Pole Journey, where a 20-foot-long totem pole carved by Lummi Indian Master Carver Jewell James traveled with his family 6,000 miles along proposed fossil fuel export routes to honor, unite, and empower communities in the destructive path of coal and oil exports.

The mural traveled from the Columbia River Basin west to the Salish Sea and back east to the Alberta tar sands, offering a space for gatherers to listen, witness, and express. Youth, elders, activists, students, educators, researchers, healers, artists, indigenous and non-indigenous people, migrants, and impacted communities reflected through paint on our day-to-day connection with mother earth and our shared responsibilities to protect her.

Artists/Facilitators (Volunteers): Nati Garcia, Jen Castro

Facilitator (Volunteer): Melanie Schambach

Partner Organizations: House of Tears Carvers

Funders: Native American Land Conservancy

"Water is the first Medicine"

(Destiny Stonechild, Cree)

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