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‘Ursuline Legacy Mural: Heritage Alive,’ 2023. Multi-media digital collage. Chatham, Canada.

What is the legacy of the Ursuline Sisters over time?
Stories about education from the past and present informed dreams about emergent futures.

Students, Teachers, Staff, Alumni, Ursuline Sisters, family, and friends reflected on hopeful future generations while looking at the Ursuline legacy in the school's past origins and context of today. Aiming to highlight the Ursulines’ values in their educational approach, retired Ursulines were interviewed to pass on their stories. Then, students illustrated their stories of the past and reflected on new stories representing the current culture and its challenges.


For Video, click HERE

Convening Team: Noreen Allossery Walsh, Lisa Hernarine, Raymond Power, Michael Grant, Amelia Vilaranda, Megan Biondi, Michael Milner.

Social Arts Lead & Facilitator: Melanie Schambach

Partner Organizations: Ursuline College of Chatham, Ursuline Sisters of Chatham

Funders: Ursuline College of Chatham & private donations.

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