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Trauma Informed Care Through Creativity


WHAT is a Trauma Informed Care through Creativity Training?

Trauma Informed Care through creativity are a set of tools and skills designed to safely and effectively work with highly sensitive individuals and groups. This training blends practical activities and concepts drawn from social services, art therapeutics, play therapy, anti-oppression frameworks, indigenous relational practices, participatory theatre and social arts.     

WHY receive Trauma Informed Care training through a Social Arts lens?

  • Blending Social Work based Trauma Informed Care with artistic creative activities expands the field of choices when working with challenging individuals and dealing with complex behaviours. This training will provide you with new practices enabling to safely explore each front-line scenario as an exciting creative artistic challenge. 

  • Experience essential elements of creativity in trauma informed care: Deep listening, intentional-practice, impulse and love!  

  • Emotionally, we can only take our clients as far as we have emotionally explored ourselves. Learn how to lovingly co-create a space for deep, honest and safe explorations for emotional processing. Embark through your own experiential learning a new sense of how different artistic practices can open your abilities for more meaningful relational work.

  • Become a leading Innovator! Understand how your social service practice and your creative practices are related. Incorporating creative practises into your trauma informed Social Work will re-vitalize your work by emerging new awareness of how institutions and roles affect creativity

  • Identify the hidden Agenda of your organization and tackle it together! Most organizations have a hidden often "blind" agenda obstructing the manifestation of the full potential of the organization. Through arts processes tackling relational honesty dissect the "hidden agenda" and gain power through insight on where to converge collective energy.   

HOW How does it work?

We tailor a training based on the needs of your organization, looking at specific needs at multiple levels. We pull creative tools and practices from multiple Social Arts practices, Community Development approaches, art therapeutics, grass-roots organizing, innovation practices, theatre, performance arts, somatics... We blend it all and bring it to you on a PD day.

Expect getting real with each other through new intentions, mindful movement, explorative drawing, mindful activities, visual arts, creative crafts, playful improvisation, clownish games, free form dancing, sound making, collective performance, love singing, and tons of fun!!!   


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