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Relational Professional Development

WHAT Relational Professional Development training do we provide?

We work with groups, small business, organizations and communities on how to create fun, innovative, effective & creative working environments through creative relationship building based on Arts Processes.

WHY receive Relational Professional development through a Social Arts lens?

  • Embrace and transcend burnout together(!) Most organizations are going through it at some level. Lovingly creating a space for deep, honest and safe creative processing of the current state of affairs will bring back new inspiration and collective meaning into your work space.

  • Create resilience at work! Our Professional development training sessions are shaped to optimize the internal organizational culture by inspiring meaningful innovative collaborations through fun-creative-relational practices and strategies.    

  • Identify the hidden obstacles of your organization and tackle it together! Most organizations have often "blind-spots" obstructing the manifestation of the full potential of the organization. Through arts processes tackling relational honesty dissect the organizational "hidden agendas" and gain power through insight on where to converge collective energy.   

HOW How does it work?

We tailor a training based on the needs of your organization, looking at specific needs at multiple levels. We pull creative tools and practices from multiple Social Arts practices, Community Development approaches, art therapeutics, grass-roots organizing, innovation practices, theatre, performance arts, somatics... We blend it all and bring it to you on a PD day.

Expect getting real with each other through new intentions, mindful movement, explorative drawing, mindful activities, visual arts, creative crafts, playful improvisation, clownish games, free form dancing, sound making, collective performance, love singing, and tons of fun!!!   


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