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Creative Workshops


WHAT are creative workshops?

A group of participants gathers knowledge and skills through a learning-by-doing approach. Creative activities are filtered in the structure inviting the right side of the brain to participate.


WHY How do people benefit from creative workshops?

  • Expressing your feelings and making yourself vulnerable make great Daring Leaders today!

  • Laughing, playing, and being joyful lifts up the kid inside yourself!

  • Engaging your creative genius is uplifting!

  • Witnessing other people’s story cultivates compassion!


HOW How is it done?

Creative activities are designed in a way where people can take risks at their own pace. A comfortable environment is created when collectively there is a commitment to goals and agreements. Workshops are based on the desired theme and group’s needs. Diversity and Inclusion, Creative Facilitation, and Community Development are some of the themes facilitated by the lead artist. You can also co-facilitate a workshop with the artist on a theme of your choice.


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