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Art Therapeutic Workshops  

WHAT are Art Therapeutics?

Art Therapeutics are accessible and safe arts based activities designed to effectively engage specific group demographics in emotionally beneficial processes. Participants choose how deep they want dive into their personal process, and through their Art they find the answers to their inner inquiries. 

WHY Why engage in Art Therapeutics?

  • Deepen your creative confidence! Explore your embodied self-expression by drawing, painting, moulding, sculpting, collaging, etc. Each art medium brings a new set of possibilities and challenges allowing your brain to process emotional content and gain new skills for expression through each medium exploration.  

  • Process not product! Allow yourself to overcome artistic inhibitions from your early years by immersing in your creative process rather than expectations of "the end product". Retrain your brain to enjoy its essential playfulness by letting go of control and surrendering unconditionally and lovingly to your inherent creative faculties. 

  • Feel and gain new insight! Externalizing emotions through an art medium gives us great perspectives on our internal states and opens space for us to feel deeply. Opening emotional space through art allows us to safely discharge energy and to process dissonant experiences through the creative output.

HOW How is it done?

Ideally, small groups (4-10 participants) over several workshop (4-10 sessions) would give the best therapeutic results as groups develop contained therapeutic rapport and creative confidence over time. Workshops go for 1-2 hours, and gradually through each workshop new materials and processes are introduced deepening gradually the therapeutic Art process.    

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