The Sound Jam

WHAT What is a Sound Jam?

A Sound Jam is an accessible facilitated group-sound practice. Participants do not have to have any experience in music. At each sound jam the group is led through a rhythm and voice warm-up, followed by gradual incremental creative 'musical' exercises aim to deepen every individuals creative confidence through musical processes. Sound Jams can go in many different directions, they can evolve into clowning, story telling, chanting, song writing, choirs or drum/sound circles.   

WHY Why have fun in a Sound Jam?

  • Feel and Relax! Spontaneous sound making and music jamming are great conduits for emotional release.

  • Express yourself! Not only explore your voice and sound making, but play, tell musical stories, become fluid at speaking Gibberish, take risks, and improve your listening skills.

  • It builds community! Become part of a community of sound improvisation & creative fun!

HOW How is it done?

We facilitate a group process where we bring tons of sound makers and sit in a circle to make sounds. We tune collectively by listening to each other, follow the impulse and tune in into the creative experience of sound making. To come to our community sound jams contact us.