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RISE 2022 Participatory Painting!!
...filling out your image palette


RISE youth, facilitators, leaders, and staff, are invited to VOICE stories they care about through this massive painting during this gathering at Splash Cafe. 


The first step is to build a CONCEPT. These visual questionnaires will reveal what the overall image of this painting could look like. 
Inside this overall image, you will find your spot to share the story you consider important to tell to the world. 

Where & When

Of course this is OPTIONAL! You can fill this up with pastels, pencils, or fill it up digitally.  
Please drop these sheets off at Splash Cafe, or, drop off in this FOLDER before Tuesday, August 19th. 


Concept Image Palette.jpg

You are welcome to fill it out digitally!!!

Useful tips and reminders:
- It doesn't have to look perfect! The idea is what matters
- Follow your impulse! The first idea, is a great idea
- If you get stuck, go to the next... You  can always go back later
- You don't have to fill all the boxes...go as far as you want
- Think outside of the box
- If you can't draw it, write about it
- If you are searching for references online, add 'outline' or 'drawing' to the word of the image you  are searching. For excample, ''hand outline' instead of 'hand.'


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