Relational Practice

WHAT  is Relational Practice?
Relational Practice is the art of creating long term rapport based friendships among wildly different individuals. It is a blender for social Inclusion.

WHY getting engaged in a Relational Practice initiative?

  • COMMUNITY INCLUSION! Become an advocate for social inclusion & meet people from diverse demographics and create close friendships with wildly different individuals. Learn the magic of diversity through creative relationship communion.  

  • EXPLORE HOW YOU BELONG. Your life's story, ancestry, artistry, your struggles, your professional skill-set and personal journey are all so unique to you. Allow yourself to be fully seen, by sharing who you are from a relational lens so others can see how essential you are to this community.  

  • RELATIONSHIPS FIRST (!) Honor and learn to trust your relationships as our collective resilience grows so we can overcome together the challenges we face, individually and as a community. From a place of inspiration, kindness, and radical acceptance, witness collective radical collaborations to emerge by opening ourselves to trust and to rely on one another.

HOW How does it work?

Relational Practice works as a series of initiatives and projects intended strengthen community resilience, foster belonging through friendship, and address inequities through social inclusion.  We do this by bringing radically different groups and individuals to share space together and have meaningful interactions through arts, storytelling and relational growth.

Relational Practice has two main Pillars:

1. Creative Hangouts: A one-to-one or small group "creative hangouts" for personal development support on how to engage more meaningfully in togetherness & relationships.

2. Community Events: Sharing circles and projects designed to bring "wildly" diverse groups of people to share art, stories and offerings, with the intention to become more comfortable to "Speak from the Heart".

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