Anyone can reach out for a relational practice offering.


  • Addiction Support

  • Recovery Coaching

  • Couple’s Support

  • Mindfulness & Somatic facilitation  

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Relaxation Holistic Massage

  • Music Classes

  • Therapeutic Art

  • Vipassana preparation

  • Home/Location Outreach


  • Conscious Dance

  • Sound/music circles

  • Sharing Circles, open mics & poetry slams

  • Improv/Clowning/Play circles

  • Visual Arts Workshops & Drop-ins


  • Community Meals and potlucks

  • Men’s support group

  • Backyard bonfires.

  • Fitness Groups.

  • Meditation groups.

  • Kindness gatherings.


  • Community Inclusion Program.

  • Community Hangouts (meals sanctuary, innovation works wellness, re-imagine, Participation House).

  • Buddy-system program.

  • Peer-Mentorship program.

  • Community Outreach, street outreach & outreach pods.


  • Creative Arts Facilitation Coaching Collective

  • Mentorship & Logistic support.

  • Relational Practice Core Lab


" △ WHAT YOU CAN GIVE BACK " ( One or More ! )

These are some ideas of what anyone may offer in return:

  • Offer TRUE FRIENDSHIP... however that may look to you.

  • PARTICIPATION in community inclusion programs (see left column below communal offerings). You can pay forward by offering relationships to groups and individuals that need your friendship.

  • An OFFERING to add to our menu on the LEFT. This offering can be a one timer, a couple or ongoing. It can be any skill or service in any capacity you may like to offer either individually or to a group. We will connect you to new relationships with beautiful people that may need your offering

  • A MATERIAL OFFERING. If you feel you may not have a "skill" to comfortably offer/share, you may offer SENTIMENTAL OBJECTS  of high utility you are ready to let go off. Anything that you may be willing to offer from the heart. Musical instruments, Art and beloved clothing items are high prized as excellent props for relationship building. Share the story of the object and connect with its longevity by sharing them with love.

  • DELICIOUS FOOD ! We all love food, specially the one you cook with love. An invite over for food, or cooking for someone and bringing food to them is a relational gift worth the friendship and love.

  • TRANSPORTATION & OUTREACH bringing someone else to a relational program is key for random people to connect with new people outside their circles. We work predominantly with people with low economic resources: Artists, Students, social organizers, activists, new immigrants, refugees, innovators, marginalized folks, people with disabilities, etc. Mobilizing people across town is an important part of cross-pollinating demographics for the creation of diverse relationships and friendships.   

  • A HANGOUT, A Personal invite, inviting someone over for dinner, or an invitation over for tea, or an invite to an activity (any activity) that you'd love to share is an excellent way for others to get to know you better and for you to share your passions with the broader world of beautiful people.

  • A VOLITION; prayer, meditation, intentions, short stories, a song, letters, poems, small gestures of kindness.... they are the details that make life beautiful and the secret of how we become part of other's lives.

  • Offer $$$ MONEY $$$ If you have it in your heart to give, so we can grow this initiative and tackle the larger local problems through healthy relationships: Mental Health, Social Isolation, Burnout, Addiction... If you would like to Donate Money CLICK HERE and read about our finances process.