Community Arts!

Virtual Arts Facilitation to Create Art in Hard Times! 

In response to the 2020 global pandemic, we have now launched creative participatory arts online. Some of our virtual facilitation includes the creation of participatory virtual murals, arts workshops & creative virtual hangouts. Stay creatively engaged and connected with others through Social Arts.

Bring Arts Engagement to your Conferences & Events! 

Make an event that is engaging and interesting. Document the essence of the event with participatory graphics. Uplift creativity, storytelling, and community building.

Engage the Public in Creative Actions!
Speak out your story and open relevant questions. Engage the masses in positive social transformation. Bring imagination and creativity to the streets.

Boost your Creative Impulse!
Clown and Play Jams are a series of structure games and fun activities designed to get us out of our head & into our bodies ready to seize the moment creatively & spontaneously through play. Abandon yourself to the impulse!

Freely move to the music!
Conscious Dance is a free form, non-facilitated community dance practice. You can dance in anyway you feel at an anti-oppressive space, substance-free (no alcohol or drugs), no-shoes, no-verbal-talking, no-phones... just feel and move!  

Express yourself Freely through Sound!
A Sound Jam is an accessible facilitated group-sound practice. Participants do not have to have any experience in music. At each sound jam the group is led through a rhythm and voice warm-up, followed by gradual incremental creative 'musical' exercises aim to deepen every individuals creative confidence through musical processes! 

Lift Up Creativity in your community or organization!
Through rhythm, movement, stories, and paint, we get to be kids again! With laughter and joy, we reconnect with our vulnerable side strengthening that couragous leader living inside.

Your Story

Raise awareness on a specific social issue through the production of a large painting created in collaboration.

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