Open Motion

WHAT What is Open Motion?

Open Motion is a facilitated movement practice blending multiple modalities. Open Motion blends dancing, sound jam, improv, clowning, ritual theatre, & visual art. Open Motion intends to open groups of individuals to improvised collective experiences of 'magical' intimate communion. Everyone can join-in, no dance or theatre experience necessary.      

WHY Why engaging with Open Motion Dance is a great idea?

  • Create Magic! Surprise yourself by collectively creating an improvised spontaneous expression of meaningful moments of boundless communion!   

  • Connect intimately with others... Surrendering to simultaneous and spontaneous collective movement through improvised music is a beautiful experience where we feel each other deeply.

  • Express yourself! Explore your embodied self-expression by dancing, singing, drumming, clowning and re-creating your own uniqueness in the open motion floor. 

  • It builds community! Become part of a creative community of mindful movers, sound makers, improvisers and artists. This practice will open your relationships in new ways enriching your interpersonal connections to a new dimension.

HOW How is it done?

Groups follow a structured facilitation of a warm up set, opening circle, and a main multi-modal activity, concluding with a closing circle. Free form dancing is the main modality. Participants can participate 1-5 different modalities. Each workshop follows a different structure designed through a main intention and body of work, which evolves itself as a co-creation with the particular creative dynamics of the group.