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The following projects are work in progress. Visit extra pages if you wish to learn more. If you are interested in participating, organizing, collaborating, or supporting in any way, send a message on the provided boxes, or simply send an email

Fundraising for RedRoad Mural

We are asking donations to raise $10,000 needed to complete the journey of the Red Road mural.  Se’Si’Le, an indigenous-led nonprofit, and the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship plan to display it at Earth Day events, in tribal communities, in schools and museums, at the Annual Convention in June of this year of the Universalist Unitarians, and at the October, 2022 International Indigenous Salmon Seas Symposium, among other venues.  The funds raised will be used to purchase supplies, for transportation of the artist and shipment of the mural, for digitizing the painting along with uploading video clips collected from participants throughout the journey, and a high-resolution PDF of the mural that can be downloaded and printed. Finally, donations will be used to create a high-resolution colouring book that tells the personal stories behind the images in the painting.

Commission Storytelling-Portraits

Limited Series

Are you interested in commissioning a Storytelling Portrait for your home or workplace? This unusual offering is a limited serie of paintings. 

Imagine having a painting in your space that roots you with a range of emotions connected to a story; while at the same time it branches out to your dreams; and altogether it becomes a daily mirror to the manifestation of what you want to see in you and around you. Work one-on-one to discover what are the metaphors, facial expressions, brushstrokes, colours and shapes that can best express this story.

Commission Storytelling Portraits
breath circle.png

A painting about DANCE...

A seed is being put under the soil. Would you like to be part of growing this tree?

Considering the times we are living in, creating a space to deeply reflect on the relevance of dance/movement makes a lot of sense. How does dance play a role in culture, nature, community, embodiment, trauma, healing, appropriation, connection, time, social movements, communication, pandemic, social media…? Lets explore all of it and more!

Currently forming an Advisory Committee to discuss how to unfold this. Send a message if you are interested in joining this ride.

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