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The Tale of HookMan

In the quaint town of Westport, Cunneticut, three little lads, no older than six, dreamed dreams larger than their school walls. Randy, the ringleader of this mischievous trio, always carried a hidden secret in his lunchbox - a fishing line and a hook. Every day, as the sun painted golden strokes on the horizon, they would escape their lessons and dash off to the nearby river.

Beneath the town's ancient stone bridge, they'd while away their mornings, the world above none the wiser. Their young hearts were full of adventure, the thrill of each catch lighting up their eyes.

However, one fateful day, as Mica - Randy's dear nana - was packing a special treat for him, she stumbled upon his hidden fishing gear. Shocked and slightly amused, she shared her discovery with Randy's mother, the graceful Mary.

Mary, ever the observant and thoughtful mother, devised a plan. Along with the neighbor, whose son was also one of the trio, they ventured to the bridge the next morning. From their vantage point, they could spot the thin fishing lines casting ripples upon the water and could hear the hushed giggles of the boys below.

Pretending to be oblivious to the boys' presence, Mary remarked in a voice just loud enough, "I think I'll bake Randy's favorite pie today. He's such a diligent student and deserves a treat." The statement hung in the air, but Randy remained silent, completely unaware his mother knew he was there.

The day wore on, and as the school bell rang at 3pm, Mary was there to collect her son. Dinner that evening was a quiet affair, with Randy devouring every morsel. But as the dishes were cleared, an expectant look grew in Randy's eyes.

He finally broke the silence,

"Mom, where's the pie?"

"What pie?" Mary responded, a sly smile playing on her lips.

"The pie you promised this the bridge."

And so it was, under the canopy of the town's stone bridge and the lure of a pie, that Randy learned one of life's little lessons.

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