Richmond Underpass Poster.jpg
Richmond Underpass Poster.jpg

The Richmond Underpass Community Arts Murals Project is underway.


The project is taking place On a digital platform from June-Sept 2020. Find out more...

pandemic a portal.png
pandemic a portal.png

Pandemic, A Portal:

A Participatory Virtual Mural

The Portal is completed.

30 Participants, their stories through this pandemic. Find out more...

art in hard times.png
art in hard times.png

Art In Hard Times

75 people, 8 organizations to generate a sense of community and decrease isolation through art creating together digitally a massive digital mural. Find out more...

Summer 2020

Welcome To Our Site:

With this year's unprecedented global-pandemic unfolding, we have created a series of partnerships with the community to offer multiple opportunities for people to create meaningful art online. Lets create art together so we can process creatively this collective story we are all experiencing.

Stay safe, stay loving, create Art.    

Yours truly,

Alejo & Mel

Let your emotions out through art - Self