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About Us


Art infuses purpose into a space.

Each wall becomes a story that sparks contemplation. From outdoor patios to offices and nurseries, we transform walls into wellsprings of inspiration.

This is a Social Business*

How We Do It



Our first step is getting to know you and the space. We assist you in narrowing down your idea, or sparking a vision from scratch.



We present you with proposed designs. We do as many revisions as needed until you decide on the final concept for your space.




One stroke at a time, your concept design comes to fruition. We respect this is your home -we work quietly, neatly, and in a timely matter. 



Making your vision a reality matters to us. We celebrate the creation of a visual that will transform your space for many years to come.  

Important to Know


20 years of experience

Acrylic water-based paint



Denver, Colorado

Partner Business: 

  • All the artwork is created by hand, using brushes, rollers, and sponges. If you're interested in a spray-painted or graffiti style, it's recommended to seek a professional specializing in spray paint.

  • For walls that aren't primed or treated, there might be an additional cost. Our sister organization, Cobblestone Design Build, can assist you with any construction-related needs.

  • We use high-quality outdoor acrylic paint with an eggshell finish. This paint is water-based and has a mild odor during application.

  • The mural cost covers all paint and material expenses. Leftover supplies aren't left with clients, but you can inquire about touch-up colors for a small extra fee.

  • Once the design and cost are agreed upon, any additional changes will result in an extra cost.

  • A non-refundable fee of $250 is required for creating preliminary sketches. You're not obligated to commit to the mural until these sketches are completed.

  • We're enthusiastic about collaborating with you to capture the message or story behind your mural. Your involvement in this creative process can be as minimal or extensive as you prefer.

  • We're versatile in creating murals in various styles, ensuring the final result matches the approved digital designs.

  • We can design something that aligns with your budget. However, mural prices may vary based on complexity and wall conditions.

  • Upon confirming the painting dates for your space, a 30% deposit of the mural cost is necessary. You can reschedule or cancel these dates up to one week before the start date for a full refund. The remaining payment is settled after the mural is finished. For larger projects, payments are divided into segments.

  • Our specialty lies in PARTICIPATORY PAINTINGS, involving groups in the painting process. Check out our Social Arts website to learn more. If interested, let us know.

  • We also offer LIVE painting and harvesting for events and conferences. Share your event details below.

  • We operate as a social business. After compensating artists, profits are directed toward community-based projects with a social or environmental vision. Volunteer work beyond our Social Arts projects isn't part of our scope. If you're interested in volunteering, visit our social arts website.

  • We enjoy sharing our projects on social media. If we plan to do so, we'll always ask for your written consent beforehand.

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Our Team

Introducing a dynamic duo of designers, where creativity knows no bounds. With their combined artistic prowess, they transform spaces into vibrant canvases. Bringing concepts to life, their collaborative energy results in captivating masterpieces that leave a lasting impact. Experience the magic of two visionary sisters harmonizing seamlessly.



What People Say

Mark and Jason, Soleil Cafe

"An artistic visionary! Their mural transformed our space into a captivating world of color and emotion. A true professional who exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!"

Corey Finlay, Innovation Hub

"Highly professional, well-organized, and consistently clean work. The muralist's skill shines in every stroke, delivering a polished masterpiece. Strongly recommend for a seamless transformation."

Patricia, Peek Family

"Turned our nursery into a whimsical wonderland! The muralist's artistic talent brought the room to life, creating a dreamy space. Delighted with the result!"

Our other Services

Live Art at Events

Seeking a creative method to gather valuable insight during a conference?

Let us craft a customized participatory method to fit your event's needs.

Community Art Projects

Want to involve your office team, neighbors, or clients in meaningful art? Participatory murals foster connections and lasting legacies.



Participatory StoryPaintings unite diverse individuals in creative journeys. Through storytelling, they bring narratives to life, fostering unity, connection, and raising social awareness.

A social business is an enterprise that prioritizes addressing social or environmental issues while also sustaining financial viability. Profits from Art Walls are reinvested to advance Social Arts' mission of fostering positive impact within communities and the environment. We aim to harmonize societal benefits with economic sustainability.

Let's Connect

Melanie Schambach

If you are interested in commissioning an Art Wall, consider sharing the following information to help ensure a smooth and successful collaboration:

  1. Location: Determine where the mural will be painted. Consider factors like size, wall type, lighting, and surrounding environment.

  2. Purpose and Theme: What is your vision so far? Are you looking for decorative art, branding, storytelling, or a specific theme?

  3. Concept or Design Ideas: Do you have any specific design concepts, images, or ideas you would like to incorporate into the mural? If you don't have a clear vision, we got you! We will guide our through this fun process. 

  4. Size and Dimensions: What are the measurements of the wall and the appropriate scale for the mural design.

  5. Budget: Do you have a specific budget for this project? This will help us design within their financial constraints and determining the level of detail and complexity possible.

  6. Timeline: In what timeframe would you like the mural completed? This allows for proper scheduling and planning.

  7. Surface Preparation: Please provide any details of the condition of the wall or surface (prime, cleaning, peeling, etc.)

  8. Client Participation:  How much would like to be involved in the creative process? Or, would you prefer the muralist to handle everything independently?

  9. Logistics: Please provide any useful information regarding access to the painting site (safety precautions, potential disruptions, schedule)

  10. Any other useful information: Do you have any special requests (touch-up maintenance, protective coatings for the mural's longevity, participation from community)? 

Thanks for submitting!

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